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    We launch marketing campaigns that help you acquire prospects and turn prospects into RAVING FANS!

  • We drive customers to your business daily

    Have an endless stream of customers looking for your products or services automatically.

We help you increase your sales. Period.

Taught by entrepreneurs like JT Foxx, Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuk. 

Imagine if… you don’t have to hunt so hard for your next customer?

Imagine if… customers come looking for your products or services instead?

Imagine if… you don’t have to worry about whether you have enough cash flow at the end of the month ever again?

Sales and Marketing Agency
Sales and Marketing Agency


I propose this concept, called BUYING CUSTOMERS. Imagine if Facebook was NTUC and Google was Giant. All you have to do is to “shop” for clients to put into your basket. Clients that you would want to service for the rest of your life. You can choose the client’s demographics, what they like, what they do, etc. Imagine you buy a customer for $200, and that customer buys products and services from you worth $2000 over the course of your long term relationship with him/her. That would be a good investment, wouldn’t it?

What if for every $1 you spend, you can get $10 back?

What if you took that $10 and reinvested it to get to $100?

How many cycles does it take to make you a multi millionaire?

When you use money to invest in marketing to MAKE YOU MORE MONEY, sales becomes easy and effortless.

It’s like each customer is a stock/bond that you invest in. This customer then gives you a payout over the next 10 months or even 5 years. If you buy this “asset” for $100 which pays you $5000 over the course of 5 years, that would be a pretty good investment, wouldn’t it?

Sales and Marketing Agency

What is LTV?

Lifetime Value of Customer = (Average money they spend each visit) X (Frequency of visits) X (How long they stay as a customer)

To understand the value of marketing, the most important concept to understand is the lifetime value of a customer. The formula above is basically a calculation of how much each customer is worth to your business. 

Example: Let’s say you own a massage therapy business and charge people $50 per visit. Assuming on average, each customer comes for a massage once every week. And assuming they normally stay as a customer for 3 years. That would mean that the lifetime value of each customer is $50 X 52 weeks X 3 years = $7800. 

Let’s say you acquire 100 leads at $5000. If you close 10% of the leads to become customers, that would mean it costs $500 to acquire each customer. This means that you are buying each customer at $500 to pay you $7,800 over the next 3 years, an investment that gives you a 15X return. Your investment of $5000 today would make $78,000 in 3 years time.

Would you invest in marketing?

Sales and Marketing Agency


Here are the steps to getting customers AUTOMATICALLY.


You need to get traffic. There are two types of traffic: organic and paid. There are many platforms to get traffic from. Facebook and Google are two of the more prominent ones.

Build your list

After you get traffic, you need to build your email list, so that you can constantly nurture and warm this prospect to become your customer.

Call to action

After you build your email list, you can get your prospects to either show up for an event, buy a product, donate to charity, watch a video, etc.


So long as the cost of acquiring each customer is lower than the lifetime value of that customer, you can just keep repeating this process and scale your business exponentially

Our work

In our Viral Accelerator Campaign, we take care of all 4 steps for you. We use cutting edge technology to design our landing pages that convert traffic into customers by understanding their psychology and buying behaviour. This puts us at an advantage over all the competitors.

Creative Design

All our landing pages are beautifully designed and optimised. Unlike other designers that simply create 1 landing page and charge you a hefty sum, we create multiple landing pages and make sure that all of them are A/B tested to give the highest conversion rates.

Success Story

120 email + phone leads 
50 over appointments booked 
All within 4 days of launch with less than $150 in advertising budget spent.

These are PHENOMENAL RESULTS that are never seen before in the sales and marketing industry in Singapore.

I would like to share our success story. Within one and a half weeks of engaging their service, they built an optimised funnel to convert traffic into leads. The campaign was launched on 22nd September 2017. To my AMAZEMENT, within 4 days of launch, we had 50 over appointments booked throughout the month and still counting!

The 23rd and 24th of September was the weekend.

On 26 September 2017, which is the 4th day since launch, 5 customers showed up. Of which 3 of them bought at least 1 item (either a product or a service).

Total sales generated in 1 day: $853

The revenue generated by my client in 1 day from these 3 customers was able to pay for the entire month’s worth of advertising. If just 5 prospects amounted to this much of sales on the day itself, how much would they probably buy throughout their lifetime? It’s not going to stop at $853. This 3 buying customers would probably be worth at least $3000 in the months and years to come (assuming the clients are serviced properly). The lifetime value of this customer gives 100X return on investment for the advertising fees. What about the referrals that this customer is going to bring? The more I count, the more excited I get thinking about how much money is rolling in! Cha-Ching. Cha-Ching. Cha-Ching.

I’m so excited to find out how this whole campaign will turn out as more and more customers show up for their appointments in the coming weeks ahead. Today we had 6 appointments, tomorrow we have 7 appointments. And all these were generated from our landing page alone.

How many of you wouldn’t mind spending a little bit of money to get 50 appointments? Appointments that show up AUTOMATICALLY. The whole funnel is built such that:
1. Prospects are compelled to come for an appointment 
2. Prospects can book their appointments by themselves (fully automated email sequences, no calling needed)

The Apollo Method works for all industries. Our strength right now is in B2C industries, however, it works for B2B as well.

Suitable for 
1. Network marketers
2. Insurance agents
3. Property agents
4. Service-based businesses (therapy centres, gyms, dental businesses, etc.)
5. E-commerce businesses 
6. … and many other industries

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Our passion

We help you to grow your business by taking care of the whole lead generation process for you. In no time, you will see an increase in the sales and revenue of your business.

I’m very blessed to be able to learn from the top marketers like JT Foxx, Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuk. What I’ve realised is that the Americans are particularly good at sales and marketing, which Singaporean entrepreneurs and marketers are not catching on fast enough.

If you would like me to share with you what I’ve learnt from all the top marketers around the world, just hit me up for coffee! I would be happy to bounce some ideas and add value in any way possible! 

More about Alaric

Alaric is an entrepreneur, lifelong learner and self-help speaker. His first business was a healthy food delivery business when he was 19 years old. He then sold off the business and joined an entrepreneur’s platform. In 10 months, he built a team of 140 people to market products from a broad range of industries. His team and him have sold tailor-made shirts, cordyceps, personal development courses, health products, maids and even electricity. 
Right now, he runs a sales and marketing agency to help businesses find ways to increase their revenue.

His journey in personal development started when he was 9. In primary school, he started reading books about the subconscious mind, business, spirituality, philosophy, etc. In his teens, he started looking for mentors from seminars and events to guide him in his journey in entrepreneurship. His mission is, “To electrify the world, to fulfil my life’s purpose.” This is why he aims to be a self-help speaker in the future, to share his knowledge and add value to as many people as possible.

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