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What you will learn on this free webinar

Alaric Moses Ong has done 5 different businesses before, of which 3 of them were started with zero capital which went on to generate 6 figures within a few short months. He is also the founder of the largest Facebook Marketing Community in Singapore with over 1500 members.

In this webinar, he will be showing you how he scaled one of his businesses to $1.2 million in revenue in 18 months with 0 capital.

You can copy and paste his proven method to scale ANY business... Even if you don't have any experience or product to start.

What you will discover:

  • How to run FB Ads in as little as 90 seconds even with 0 technical expertise
  • How you can make $3k/month to $10k/month as a CORONA-PROOF Freelance Marketer (AKA SMMA)
  • How to build a business that generates you real income with $0 capital from anywhere in the world
  • Case studies of other ads and how my clients are generating millions of sales with Mr Facebook
  • The 2 key skills you need to scale ANY business that most marketers have no clue about
  • The Secret behind Facebook Marketing that makes a great Facebook Marketer a gold mine for any business owner in this crazy pandemic and more!


  •  BONUS #1: You will get his e-book, "How to use Facebook to promote your business" for FREE
  •  BONUS #2: You’ll get the secret link to his Closed-Door Marketing Telegram group to network with hundreds of other marketers and also EARN COMMISSIONS!
  •  BONUS #3: FREE 1:1 Marketing consult with one of his students who is a copywriting expert.

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Interviews with 6,7, 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs:

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