If you want to travel the world, make money and have fun…

HOW TO MAKE $100.00-$10,000.00+ EVERY MONTH

By building a YOU army


The step by step system for any ordinary person to build a network and become extraordinary.

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Why build a You-army?

There are many ways to make money. Property, stocks, investing, etc. However, what I have found to be the most effective and has given me the most satisfaction is adding value to people. Money isn’t something we chase, money is something we attract. And we attract money by offering value. If you think about it, whether it is insurance, property, banking or investing, where does money come from? At the end of the day it always boils down to one thing. PEOPLE. In this world, to be successful, it’s not about what you know, but rather, who you know and who knows you. When you have a network of people supporting you, shouting for you, wherever you go, you will be successful! Whether it is working a job, starting a business, etc. Whichever country or industry you are in, you will have an edge over everyone else.

Steps for building your army

1. Learn

The first step is to learn The Apollo Method. This is a turnkey system that guides you step by step in building your army.

2. Do (Sell)

Next, you must practise selling, to master the art of influence and persuasion.

3. Teach

After a while (1-3 months), you would have mastered the system. It is now time to teach the same system to your team members.

4. Lead team

You make money when your team works with you. Imagine 100 people helping you earn $100 each, that would result in $10,000 passive income per month for you.

5. Superstar

In our system, we have 1 star to 10 stars. Each rank has its own rewards. When you are 6 stars and above, you’ll be given a stake in a business for free.

6. Own business

You’ll be GIVEN 10-20% of the shares in a company of your choice and you would immediately be made the director of that company.

The overall pipeline is to eventually own a business. Why is The Apollo Method a better way compared to starting your own business? Because it guides you step by step in building your army and acquiring KFS (Knowledge, Financial and Social capital) before you actually start your business. Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric said, “If you don’t have a competitive edge, don’t compete.” In the market, you gain a competitive edge by having either knowledge, financial or social capital. Many “wantrepreneurs” try to start their businesses without having much of a competitive edge to begin with. They end up failing miserably, suffering massive financial losses. In our system, by the time you are a 6 star achiever, you would have MASSIVE Knowledge, Financial and Social capital (KFS), exponentially increasing your odds at succeeding.


4 pillars to success

My mentor shared with me that if I wanted to be successful in any field, I needed to have 4 pillars of success, which are the fundamentals of any form of mastery. Whether it is mastering basketball, soccer, studies, sales, business or building a network, the fundamentals are always the same. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffett all had the 4 pillars, which enabled them to achieve whatever they have achieved.Unlike other programmes that merely have content, in The Apollo Method, we have created a system that includes all 4 pillars to ensure that YOU will be able to succeed.

A mentor shortens your learning curve and leads you the way to success.

Jim Rohn says that your income is the average of the 6 people you spend the most time with. If you hang out with 6 doctors, you become a doctor. 6 millionaires, you become a  millionaire. 6 broke people however, and you become a broke person.

This refers to reading books, listening to success audios, going for seminars, watching videos of Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki etc.

The last piece of the puzzle is to take massive action. If you have the first 3, but you don’t take action, it would be pointless. However, if you take action without having the first 3, you’ll keep repeating the same mistakes that you’ve always been without having much results.

Almost free, only for the first 50 people

Why only 50? This is a test group to get as many testimonials as possible. Once we get enough testimonials, I will be officially launching it, and there’s no way you can get the price you are currently getting. My role is to handhold you each step of the way, to make sure you build a successful You-army and earn some income. In order to focus on the people that believe in the vision and join, I have to limit the spots to the first 50 people that sign up.

What the first 33 people are saying…

Samantha, 19


Thomas, 44

Serial entrepreneur, robotics trainer

Samantha, 19 (Results)


Robert, 40

IT consultant

Robert was making $8-10k every month as an IT consultant but decided to leave his job, learn The Apollo Method, join Alaric and lead his own army.

Joel, 18

Graduate from ACJC

Tzen Yi, 19

Graduate from NYJC

Daniel, 19

Currently serving national service (NS)

Timothy, 18

Graduate from NYJC

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More about Alaric

Alaric is an entrepreneur, lifelong learner and self-help speaker. His first business was a healthy food delivery business which he started along with a few other partners. He has since sold off the business and joined an entrepreneur’s platform instead. Currently, he represents 10 over brands and leads his team using The Apollo Method. His journey in personal development started when he was 9. In primary school, he started reading books about the subconscious mind, business, spirituality, philosophy etc. In his teens, he started looking for mentors from seminars and events to guide him in his journey in entrepreneurship. His mission is, “To electrify the world, to fulfil my life’s purpose.” This is why he aims to be a self-help speaker in the future, to add value to as many people as possible.

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